Thursday, June 29, 2017



There was this miracle man I met by chance
Met me thru a mutual friend in some sort of trance
A connection I had never had, not  like that ever before 
Never once would I think he'd open his door

This hot man let me in in so many levels
He barely knew me I could've been the devil
But his heart and trust were so sincere
Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful I'm here

He is so intellectual yet so loving too
So full of humor you don't know what to do
He is a little bit of everything and a tad bit more
Amazes me all in one person what God has in store

He is a miracle friend, leader, amazing husband and dad
Many see his gifts wishing he was one they had
You'd think he would be snobby, self centered of his life
Instead he cares deeply about his family, friends not to be in strife

We all go thru trials, tough fazes over struggles of time
Christian is the man during that who'd give his last dime
Which is why over time this man is blessed
Our Lord has never seen one give it all his best

You Sir Christian are a gift to me
You make me smile but my negative flee
You bring me so much joy I hadn't  seen in ages
I'll come out of my cage since you calmed the rages

You are dear
Your are precious 
You are everything one wants and needs
You are fine 
You are brilliant 
You are sexier beyond belief

But I can take this intense work chat
At least we know we're real where we are at
You are one to die for, you are one to live for
Thru life I'll see us live that way, my life worth so much more


I love you... 

June 2017 by Hetty Siebens 😘

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This Christmas Will Be A Joyful One

Well here we go again my dear
Another Christmas Day of cheer
Living back in our old stomping ground
Makes you very grateful for whom are around

I never meant to jolt out of Philly years ago
I was just in so much pain; pain you'll never know
My intentions truly were to stay in Minneapolis forever
I just didn't realize my body couldn't take the cold ever

So then we took off for Florida a place I never desired
I did it for you and Tory; even though now want to set it on fire 
There were such beautiful days but with my pain I was unable to play
But darling with you around and near you bring out beauty every day

Thru all those states of pain I am so glad to be "Home"
Being so sick everywhere else you just feel so "alone"
But thankfully you've always been there for me
Like a monkey you helped set me free

Free of pain, free of sadness, free of madness
You helped save my life and faith in faith-filledness
Just in time for my birthday, more in time for HIS
Christ is our center our reason we still live

This Christmas will be a joyful one
So much good came out and it's never done
We all just need to love each other endlessly
In thanks to Christ in what He made be

I am grateful to Him daily for Tory, you, and Troy in our home
With the love we all have there is no room to moan
Our extended families our great and with all are so blessed
God sure knew what He was doing, this was no test

But my love for you Christian remains on hot fire
You are so loving, so dear, my every desire
His plans for us were beautiful, plans are so great
Every Christmas I love to tell you in our house there is no hate

You are my air, you and my life, and yes you kept me alive
With God healing me, making me well I am learning to strive
Strive to become more of who He planned me to be
Praise Him more for who He has given to me

It is His birthday yet Christ keeps on giving
He gives out of true love to keep up all living
Living in life, living for Him, placing Him first above it all
Our Creator, Savior, loved one best friend who won't let us fall

I am gracious for every moment I learned and accepted Him
Cause God only knows where we'd still be if I was still dim
Your love helped me search and your love helped me find
I was willing to do anything for you-even seek your kind

You were so much worth it precious dear one
But Christ was most worth it; to Him I'd run
I am so grateful this Christmas Day
All in our home are willing to Pray

Christ gave me the best gifts of all in life
You my love, my baby Tory cause me no strife
This Christmas like all, I love you all forever and more
You are all so special thru Christ, red wine you must pour

In remembrance of Christ who saved us from ourselves
In remembrance of our God we do not place on a shelf
For our precious God who Died for us to live
For dear Jesus whose life He chose for us to give

I love you Jesus for all You have done, all that You do
I praise You for a man like mine that came straight from You
Thank you for my birthdate, many reasons to celebrate
If gift less I am fine-all we need is our God that's great

Thank you so much Christian for seeing me thru so much this year
You have no idea what is was like to come alive to you my dear
You helped change a lot of me precious, this is a fact
Not a moment am I going to focus back!

I love you so much Jesus, Christian, Tory, Troy

Happy Birthday Jesus
Merry Christmas Christian 

by Hetty Siebens Dec 20, 2016 ©

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hold Onto Jesus

Hold On To Jesus

I kept asking out to You
"What is right, what is wrong?"
Finding true answers to all my questions
Felt like it took so long!

So much of the hard times
Intertwined with the good.
A ton of the pain so bad;
I didn't think it should.

Should we crawl on our knees
Our voices screaming out in pain;
Pointing fingers at who hurt us
Holding grudges toward all in vain?

There are many answers
To many questions-
But the one I know is Right;
Is to follow Him with pure love-
To hold on to Jesus tight! 

By Hetty Siebens 2003 ©

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Special Corinthians

OK, I spoke to Pastor Linn. It is 3 Corinthians 17:1-7
States a couple things about love and relationships such as

Creation of Man
Man sets foot on earth to find woman to reproduce to spread the love of Jesus. However; if she has epileptic issues, such as the boy in Mark 17-29, man is to find woman to spend life, as a couple, near His crashing waters on the Pacific.

Creation of Woman
Woman was placed on earth to marry the right man after dealing with prior marital and medical issues. 

Creation of Perfection
God created marital disputes, times of trouble, to create to perfect relationships. Perfect relationships, perfect. Perfect relationships blossom and spread the good. Especially for those who suffered in the past. Relationships that made them tear up greatly, suffer immensely, and deserve the best of the best.

Submitting Life
The woman who finds the man of her life, bows and submits life and love from that day forward. 

Relationship Planned by God
Future divorce ever thought needed in times of trouble, are denied after the celebration of the perfect couple. They are intertwined in a relationship set forth, planned by God, and followed through without Satan's actions receiving any power.

Destruction to Ashes
If this man is somehow pulled from this woman's life, in this particular marriage, planned by God, this particular woman will destruct in large flames in the air, in which all over the world will see. Woman will fall into ashes amongst the world as tears from God. Tears from God in sadness for His change of plans. For someone had pulled a plug without contacting God and will receive harsh, painful punishment in addition to Satan, having acted out this plan without dialing 463 7777 on His Verizon Wireless.

Heather Siebens Time Left on Earth
Heather's time has ended. For she has chosen to be with Christian, her beloved husband rather than horrific, unlasting love here on earth. She chose heaven over earth and its surroundings; for Heather cannot live life without the epitome of perfection: Christian Charles Siebens II.

Any questions on the addition to this Chapter, please contact Hetty at 480-812-9035! God Bless...Amen!

By Hetty Siebens 6/18/04 ©

Life Can Be

 Life can be frustrating
Life can seem wrong
Life can feel daunting
Life's troubles seem long

Life with you reassured me
Life with you is precise
Life with you is quite soothing
Life with you is no plight

Together life's better,
no together life's great,
for together we see the wonderful souls,
not the ordinary states.

So one day you and I will be,
no, one day, we will all be three,
and the future will hold such promises, 
promises that are meant to be.

I love you dear Christian,
you are my best friend,
I will be with you my lover,
until the Earth's end

Love you,


By Hetty Siebens  7/8/04  ©

My Husband One Day

I was so quiet, so unallowed to speak a darn word to you
you were so bad, you were so wrong, you were all filth
It took my parents till now, to see that you are true
We now can show them all, you're so great for my health

To Seattle I first flew up just a little bit high
then Austin trip, I would've flipped, and left me right there
but Christian, that sweet man, is such a loving great guy
he still kissed me, and loved me out of deep loving care

You are the greatest confidant
I am the most poignant lover
because when you aren't here for what we want
there is not a purpose in covers

So come home my lover and lets progress
thrill each other with vast success
not have worries, won't be like before
all of those problems fell out of the door

For it is you and I to begin a life
not starting one with hidden strife
we are starting it clean and clear
so we will always be loving to hear
the other say "Hi", and the other say "Bye"
but the other say "I love you my dear"

On our wedding day we have our friends
we have a day of silence, and a moment of prayer
With Christian Lucky? No. Fortunate to our end.
we had the elegance of love no one could compare

I love you so very is immeasurable!


By Hetty Siebens 7/10/04 ©

Take Me Right Now

 What do you want? What do you need? 
If you want me, take me right now. If you need me, I will reward you for eternity!
What do you want? What do you need?
If you want love, I will supply. If you need love, I shall be yours always!
What do you want? What do you need?
If you want happiness, tell me from where. If you need happiness, I ensure it always with care!
What do you want? What do you need?
If you want US, I will bestow all times. If you need US, I will endow all my life!

I want you, I need you, I want love, I need love, I want happiness, I need happiness, I want us, I have us....I have all of this, am thrilled with this all. Am touched with the honor of being in your life. Thank you for being a part of mine!

Your love for life!

by Hetty Siebens 6/19/04 ©