Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This Christmas Will Be A Joyful One

Well here we go again my dear
Another Christmas Day of cheer
Living back in our old stomping ground
Makes you very grateful for whom are around

I never meant to jolt out of Philly years ago
I was just in so much pain; pain you'll never know
My intentions truly were to stay in Minneapolis forever
I just didn't realize my body couldn't take the cold ever

So then we took off for Florida a place I never desired
I did it for you and Tory; even though now want to set it on fire 
There were such beautiful days but with my pain I was unable to play
But darling with you around and near you bring out beauty every day

Thru all those states of pain I am so glad to be "Home"
Being so sick everywhere else you just feel so "alone"
But thankfully you've always been there for me
Like a monkey you helped set me free

Free of pain, free of sadness, free of madness
You helped save my life and faith in faith-filledness
Just in time for my birthday, more in time for HIS
Christ is our center our reason we still live

This Christmas will be a joyful one
So much good came out and it's never done
We all just need to love each other endlessly
In thanks to Christ in what He made be

I am grateful to Him daily for Tory, you, and Troy in our home
With the love we all have there is no room to moan
Our extended families our great and with all are so blessed
God sure knew what He was doing, this was no test

But my love for you Christian remains on hot fire
You are so loving, so dear, my every desire
His plans for us were beautiful, plans are so great
Every Christmas I love to tell you in our house there is no hate

You are my air, you and my life, and yes you kept me alive
With God healing me, making me well I am learning to strive
Strive to become more of who He planned me to be
Praise Him more for who He has given to me

It is His birthday yet Christ keeps on giving
He gives out of true love to keep up all living
Living in life, living for Him, placing Him first above it all
Our Creator, Savior, loved one best friend who won't let us fall

I am gracious for every moment I learned and accepted Him
Cause God only knows where we'd still be if I was still dim
Your love helped me search and your love helped me find
I was willing to do anything for you-even seek your kind

You were so much worth it precious dear one
But Christ was most worth it; to Him I'd run
I am so grateful this Christmas Day
All in our home are willing to Pray

Christ gave me the best gifts of all in life
You my love, my baby Tory cause me no strife
This Christmas like all, I love you all forever and more
You are all so special thru Christ, red wine you must pour

In remembrance of Christ who saved us from ourselves
In remembrance of our God we do not place on a shelf
For our precious God who Died for us to live
For dear Jesus whose life He chose for us to give

I love you Jesus for all You have done, all that You do
I praise You for a man like mine that came straight from You
Thank you for my birthdate, many reasons to celebrate
If gift less I am fine-all we need is our God that's great

Thank you so much Christian for seeing me thru so much this year
You have no idea what is was like to come alive to you my dear
You helped change a lot of me precious, this is a fact
Not a moment am I going to focus back!

I love you so much Jesus, Christian, Tory, Troy

Happy Birthday Jesus
Merry Christmas Christian 

by Hetty Siebens Dec 20, 2016 ©

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hold Onto Jesus

Hold On To Jesus

I kept asking out to You
"What is right, what is wrong?"
Finding true answers to all my questions
Felt like it took so long!

So much of the hard times
Intertwined with the good.
A ton of the pain so bad;
I didn't think it should.

Should we crawl on our knees
Our voices screaming out in pain;
Pointing fingers at who hurt us
Holding grudges toward all in vain?

There are many answers
To many questions-
But the one I know is Right;
Is to follow Him with pure love-
To hold on to Jesus tight! 

By Hetty Siebens 2003 ©

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Special Corinthians

OK, I spoke to Pastor Linn. It is 3 Corinthians 17:1-7
States a couple things about love and relationships such as

Creation of Man
Man sets foot on earth to find woman to reproduce to spread the love of Jesus. However; if she has epileptic issues, such as the boy in Mark 17-29, man is to find woman to spend life, as a couple, near His crashing waters on the Pacific.

Creation of Woman
Woman was placed on earth to marry the right man after dealing with prior marital and medical issues. 

Creation of Perfection
God created marital disputes, times of trouble, to create to perfect relationships. Perfect relationships, perfect. Perfect relationships blossom and spread the good. Especially for those who suffered in the past. Relationships that made them tear up greatly, suffer immensely, and deserve the best of the best.

Submitting Life
The woman who finds the man of her life, bows and submits life and love from that day forward. 

Relationship Planned by God
Future divorce ever thought needed in times of trouble, are denied after the celebration of the perfect couple. They are intertwined in a relationship set forth, planned by God, and followed through without Satan's actions receiving any power.

Destruction to Ashes
If this man is somehow pulled from this woman's life, in this particular marriage, planned by God, this particular woman will destruct in large flames in the air, in which all over the world will see. Woman will fall into ashes amongst the world as tears from God. Tears from God in sadness for His change of plans. For someone had pulled a plug without contacting God and will receive harsh, painful punishment in addition to Satan, having acted out this plan without dialing 463 7777 on His Verizon Wireless.

Heather Siebens Time Left on Earth
Heather's time has ended. For she has chosen to be with Christian, her beloved husband rather than horrific, unlasting love here on earth. She chose heaven over earth and its surroundings; for Heather cannot live life without the epitome of perfection: Christian Charles Siebens II.

Any questions on the addition to this Chapter, please contact Hetty at 480-812-9035! God Bless...Amen!

By Hetty Siebens 6/18/04 ©

Life Can Be

 Life can be frustrating
Life can seem wrong
Life can feel daunting
Life's troubles seem long

Life with you reassured me
Life with you is precise
Life with you is quite soothing
Life with you is no plight

Together life's better,
no together life's great,
for together we see the wonderful souls,
not the ordinary states.

So one day you and I will be,
no, one day, we will all be three,
and the future will hold such promises, 
promises that are meant to be.

I love you dear Christian,
you are my best friend,
I will be with you my lover,
until the Earth's end

Love you,


By Hetty Siebens  7/8/04  ©

My Husband One Day

I was so quiet, so unallowed to speak a darn word to you
you were so bad, you were so wrong, you were all filth
It took my parents till now, to see that you are true
We now can show them all, you're so great for my health

To Seattle I first flew up just a little bit high
then Austin trip, I would've flipped, and left me right there
but Christian, that sweet man, is such a loving great guy
he still kissed me, and loved me out of deep loving care

You are the greatest confidant
I am the most poignant lover
because when you aren't here for what we want
there is not a purpose in covers

So come home my lover and lets progress
thrill each other with vast success
not have worries, won't be like before
all of those problems fell out of the door

For it is you and I to begin a life
not starting one with hidden strife
we are starting it clean and clear
so we will always be loving to hear
the other say "Hi", and the other say "Bye"
but the other say "I love you my dear"

On our wedding day we have our friends
we have a day of silence, and a moment of prayer
With Christian Lucky? No. Fortunate to our end.
we had the elegance of love no one could compare

I love you so very much...it is immeasurable!


By Hetty Siebens 7/10/04 ©

Take Me Right Now

 What do you want? What do you need? 
If you want me, take me right now. If you need me, I will reward you for eternity!
What do you want? What do you need?
If you want love, I will supply. If you need love, I shall be yours always!
What do you want? What do you need?
If you want happiness, tell me from where. If you need happiness, I ensure it always with care!
What do you want? What do you need?
If you want US, I will bestow all times. If you need US, I will endow all my life!

I want you, I need you, I want love, I need love, I want happiness, I need happiness, I want us, I have us....I have all of this, am thrilled with this all. Am touched with the honor of being in your life. Thank you for being a part of mine!

Your love for life!

by Hetty Siebens 6/19/04 ©

Our 2010 Family Christmas Prayer

Our 2010 Family Christmas Prayer

Early this year we thought healthy perfection was in the cards,
Not fantasy, existing only in our deepest hopes.
We moved to get a new start but excitement was followed by confusion and pain.

When Lord we asked, will health be?
In prison, prison of mind, pain and location
Did we make the right decisions for health and for our future?

We begged and waited with bated breath
At times our hopes grew dim, our souls became weary, our desires became dull.
But when we thought we could go no lower and confusion ran amuck,
Suddenly appeared light which issued great intellect and understanding
A light from a divine source. That source being You, Lord.

You gave us peace and understanding that perfection is not the goal
quality life and family was a reality still possible
You sent us Your precious love, love which we hold so dear to our heart.

The sunset and dusks light on a pennsylvania night
The glow of the sunrise on the park at daybreak
The color of the trees, the coolness of the snow
The laughter we hear from Tory aglow
The whisper of peace and letting go
You're our yesterdays memories
Today's reason to live and love
Tomorrow's dreams of the future
All the love we have to give
You are our beginning and our end
All we have in visions sight
Nothing has ever felt this good or this right
So take our hand, walk beside us each day
As we live our lives together with You by our side.

We trust You have our lives in the palm of Your hand.

Happy Birthday Jesus. You are our Everything.

The Siebens Family....

by Christian Siebens 2010 © .... (aka -Heather Siebens precious other half)

And those are the remarkable words this year from my beloved hubby, whom I thank Jesus for, everyday... we are so blessed with each other, our daughter Tory... all of you as our friends. Many blessings to you all--in this coming year!!!

In God's Glory,

Heather Siebens


Cure 2004©
By Hetty Siebens

Tragic times led to amazing blessings as I held tight onto Christ!


Life sure can get complex,
if you just let it so.
With every wilting flower,
a healthy one will grow.

It started out so simple
just one pill led to two;
but with age seizures angered
and I didn't know what to do.

They changed so fiercely overnight,
I dared not tell a soul.
I just played pretend they didn't exist;
prayed I wouldn't pay a toll.

Then, with a gift from God came happiness,
everything felt just right!
Then came a twist, a jab, of hopelessness!
It's now hard to sleep at night.

For what was managed then, grew and grew.
Not one in that town could believe -
that the dilemmas with me are for real, are true.
So with all of that - my child and I had to leave.

What may have seemed atrocious
what may have seemed unjust;
all happened for a purpose
this happened, now I must

I must be honest
I must be well
I must be focused
Dear God I'll tell . . .

I'll tell You how shocking life can be!
I'll tell you I'm tired, no energy!
Seizures aren't controlled by medication for me;
They're controlled by the faith in our Lord, I NOW see!

Faith in Christ is the actual cure;
even when I must take pills.
Cause with all my problems and issues I endure;
with His love there's no trial, mountain, no hills!

So I praise Him today with all my heart,
my heart has so much to give!
Without Him I'm not sure where I'd be
He's shown me all more reason to live!

Family is so Beautiful

Family is so Beautiful
Poem by Heather/Hetty Siebens
December 2, 2015 ©

Again here comes this Christmas Day
If only it snowed and we could go play
But in Florida that is just not how it goes
Instead we play in the sand with our toes

So this Christmas is a little different dear
But with you around there is nothing but cheer
We will trim the tree in my crazy fashion
I hope this year no one cranky is lashing!

You and Tory bring out all my good
I never thought that one person could
I felt locked up in that crazy monkey cage
And one day I'd bust out in such a violent rage

But the gift of you two was never a trick or a hoax
I'd love to explain the beauty of you two to some folks
Not all will understand the beauty we live
Not all will understand how much we love to give

Let's go to our bulging beach and watch the sun set
Knowing Christ is coming, but He isn't quite here yet
Hold each others hands and pray my health lightens up
He is in control, my Lord, as He handed me His cup

We've been blessed for so many years
I'm so sorry I shed so many tears
Cause together we are one amazing team
At least to me that is how it all does seem

You are a gift straight from Christ Above Us
Not really do I have much room to fuss
You are so perfect Christian, so Devine
Most amazing part is I can claim you as mine!

Thank you for putting up with me
There are not many people that still would be
You have a heart that is bigger than this earth
The only other one like that is to whom I gave birth

My family is so beautiful, my family is a gift
Everyone so positive they will do nothing but lift
Lift your mind, soul, and body from all heartaches
And show their love is real, so far from being fake

I thank you Jesus everyday for these precious souls
Without You and my family, Jesus, I'd never watch Tory grow
When the sun comes up we thank You for another day
When the sun goes down we praise You, we made it thru ok!

I love you all with all my heart and need you by my side
Not one part of me doesn't thank you for joining on my ride
Together we all will make it thru this little thing called living
We all have such loving hearts that are thrilled to be giving

Christ in Us

Christ in US!! 

by Hetty Siebens  ©

Christ is IN US
Christ is THRU US
Christ is FOR US
Christ has NO SIN ON US

You my dear love are an example
of how to live more like HIM
others try to rule but should sample
how to live in His light which won’t dim.

There are days that seem so atrocious 
my tiresome illnesses can fill my thoughts of endlessness
but our precious, perfect God can be ferocious
His love and grace on us HE pours to end faithlessness 

Looking forward again to our future I see
The beauty of Christ in you, Tory and me!
I see days of beauty and fun, days unwell and tough
But we serve a brilliant God who can smooth out all rough!

As we keep seeking Him so much pain will evaporate
Jesus will guide us to areas out of our “comfort zone”
But reminding His plans are to prosper, not disintegrate
We’re to keep spending MORE time with HIM, even time alone    

We are yet to live like Christ-which is to die for Him
Rid again of all our faults and built up sins
Pick up our Cross-keep marching even when dim
The road may be narrow but He will let us in!

Our love dear Christian never loses it’s flame
Our Love Christian never loses it’s purpose
Our Love Christian never loses it’s faith
We are just watched over by the ONE with The Name

His Name is Jesus, His name Emmanuel, His name our Cornerstone
His Name is Counselor, His Name Good Shepard, His Name is Savior, His Name The Rock
And Our Risen One
His Name The Alpha His Name The Omega, The Beginning and The End, 
His Name Lord of Lords, His Name The Bread of Life, Lamb of God, His name Prince of Peace, His Name THE Messiah, 
And The Holy One

You and I have magnificent descriptions of our loves beauty
ones that I could never overlook
But our God out numbers us in splendor, trust, and mighty
that is exactly why all mountains shook !

But He is still so gracious to fill our cups up with love
they runneth over so you and I as ONE could show
our love wasn’t out of no where-it truly came from Him above
As we chose to live in His light, not fight, we send His love aglow! 

Let’s continue to burn His love for all this year
Share His Word, place all on display 
For our love in sharing Christ is delightful, no fear
Let’s be excited, never scared of what people say!

I love you Christian, you are my earthly rock
I truly thank Christ daily for your precious love
Let’s you and me go tell the town- see them shocked
At how you and I are excited for what is ABOVE!

I love you precious one… forever and eternity!!!

MERRY CHRISTmas baby!!  2014 by Hetty J Siebens ©

Christmas At the Siebens 2013

Christmas at the Siebens 2013

Honey, I love you so much-but we sure have crazy years
Hard to compare them all when really we should be ready for tomorrow
Last thing I want to do is spend a great percent of my years in tears...
But with your hand Christian you help me see good and not sorrow!

Jesus has a purpose for everything
This I know is true
We live where it snows and could go skiing!
It's just getting me well enough to ever make it thru!

I believe stronger Heather is coming back in some ways as before
Yet I know New Hetty has new focuses and opinions that may shock a ton!
But Hetty is so thrilled to be with you Christian-you're her rock that makes love soar!

With all I put you thru-with pills, needles, blood, no blood
upset doctors, irate nurses, no one understanding what we face together
At times it felt out of control-so I'd pray to Our Lord-"take me out by flood!"
But then I would look into your eyes and this word strikes me for good-FOREVER!

So keep a hold of me always
NEVER let me go
Rivers are raging hard
And this state has endless snow

Without a man like YOU,
I never would have lived
You kept my chin up with things to do
Thru the good and the bad I just wanted to give!

One to learn more about
Then soon knowing US-to become ONE
Thru God I NEVER had one doubt!

We will construct this road Christian
Let's enjoy each other, go fishing
And keep ME from going BONKERS!!!

Let's keep holding each other tight
as the sun sets each night
There is so much beauty in you and I
not a thing too complicated for us to try!

I Love you endlessly Hotty Hubby Christian,

In His Love and Grip,

Hetty, your blessed wife!

By Hetty Siebens 2013 ©

Love Never Ending

God's Angel

One precious baby born in the autumn
Filled with dreams to sit, crawl, walk then run!
Never did we think before you came to be
You'd be hit with cancer and soon set free!

Set free to our Lord up there to finally be healed
Entering Heaven is the one place no one wants to yield
He relishes our dancing, singing, praise and love
Only now you do it in greatest praise, healed up above.

You dear Nicky changed endless count of lives for all the good
Torment you went thru gracefully which you, nor no one should
You remained so happy, funny and strong in every step you'd take
Your mind so brilliant, heart so pure-I know your mama's heart still aches

I hope Heaven is way more amazing than earthly understanding
Miniature cars, an ocean, precious animals-with no time ticking
I am so thrilled you are free of such suffering and pain
In Heavens realms you are healed, no cancer ball and chain

I know you see your mama and family each and everyday
As a true angel it's hard cause you have so much to say
I know your mama see's your signs and feels you near
Every memory she has of you is alive in her and so clear

Send her signs how great she was, is and still is going to be
You're love still flows thru her blood and she wishes to see-
Your face one more time to kiss and say how much she deeply loves you
To make sure you remember you're more special to her than any jewel

Keep sending her your kisses from our Heaven up above
Kisses and hugs she so misses from her boy filled with love
Never doubt your mother's love, it is deep and never-ending
I know you feel it now and just can't wait for the two hearts mending

Love you sweet Angel NickyBear and amazing mom Angelia. In my prayers always.

By Hetty Siebens  3/2016  ©

Dear Master's Love

The Lord will truly dance for you Kim
Even when all may seem so dim
In my heart I know this is true
With all my love from me to you

You may feel held back unable to speak
Can't move your body, all seems so bleak
But our God has amazing plans and love
Just rest in His arms as He works from above

I've known you, my cousin a very short time
But your eyes were so fierce preparing to shine
I can't wait to meet again and hug you too
As our Good Lord graciously sees you thru

Your beauty thru pain will change many lives
Keep others walk with Jesus more than alive
We see your love deep inside your soul
You help family reunite with your love a flow

We stand in awe of our Dear Master's love
You're a precious gift from Him up above.
Planned for you long ago before ever born
You will make it thru all, as we clap, not mourn

My cousin you are, made me recollect past
Be so grateful to God I'm here, it didn't last
Keep fighting the fight with your "arms open wide"
Cause our Lord has planned a successful stride

Don't count the days, take them one at a time
You my dear friend are going to be just fine
Your family awaits your arrival more than real soon
All will hug you thru the night, saying "I sure love you"

Bless you thru this unplanned fight
For our Lord holds onto you tight
Because He heals & loves you too
There isn't anything to God that is new.

He does all things well... As do you Kim....

We sure love you...

The Siebens

by Heather Siebens 11/3/12

Dear Joseph

Dear Joseph~
October25th, 2013-eternal  :)

Roads we have chosen are never always perfect.
Some seem so long and endless, others fast and fearless.
Some flat tires come along on our journeys more than once.
Yet at some times we roll our cars just simply heading out to lunch.

Some of us always have a full deck of the perfect cards to win
Others seem like God's against them-we always have to give in
But giving in isn't a criminal act, or any type of wrong doing
As long as we "GIVE IN TO THE RIGHT SOUL" which ends up such a blessing

Cause giving "into" Jesus, is just giving Him our "mess…"
He loves us tons-to take our "hands" and have us suffer less
He needs our hearts and our hope to form His amazing plans
Plans He's had forever for us-plans to prosper not to harm-to take us by our hand

To watch over us at all times, and never take a break
His love and plans are so intense that many think He's fake
But He just wants you to give your heart a shot for His love
As for He's the only God who has room for us in His mansion up above

But it is a mansion for those who have hearts and those who also have tears
Those who stumble and sin and go thru trials that feel like never-ending years
But as our faith grows during the times of our walk-struggles seem less tough
Because Jesus has it all on His back, fighting off the Devil who thinks he is so buff

But I know your heart dear Joseph, it is one very unique from our Creator
You may think your heart is mean and life that is tough now just gets worse later
But just grab onto Christ and a little bit of faith to grow
And you will be amazed where in life He has you go!

To close I just must tell you, I have never felt so blessed
Your kindness in life makes my heart grow outside of my chest
You are one to always want to help and make other people smile
Knowing you thru Christ keeps my faith high, and lessens all tough trials.

Thank you Joseph for being my friend
and sharing you troubles with me
With faith in Christ this package I send
As you trust and set your heart free!!

Many blessings, prayers… and always laughter!!
In His Love,

Heather J Siebens

From my precious family to you... and yours! 

By Hetty Sieben  2013 ©

Beginning to End

The pain I endure never was desired
If I knew who gave it to me they would be fired
Each day is so troubling and tough to live out
The pain gets so atrocious and fills me with doubt

When in such pain and feeling so sad
You feel everything you do will make someone mad
The pills are not touching it nor is the heat
It truly feels like I've been dragged out and beat

How long really should one hang on for?
If you can barely function and extremely sore.
Life looks so dark, with no good ahead
Should I stay bitter and wrapped up in bed?

I am not anyone special that is for sure 
Just a young lady with health issues to endure
Daily I do it though because I have no other choice
All my prayers unanswered I must have an unheard voice

My family is so beautiful, happy, full of joy
I wish that was me; instead I am just a toy
A puppet God uses on good days and bad
How can one like me be help when always so sad

How long really should one hang on for?
If you can barely function and extremely sore.
Life looks so dark, with no good ahead
Should I stay bitter and wrapped up in bed?

So I am on pause, stepped out of game for some time to be
I am truly searching for a healthier, happier little me
Cause I can't help others when unwell and can't tell
Who I am or where I will be when it feels like only hell

But I love my family so very much
But right now I just feel a bit outta touch
Maybe in time someone will fix me
And once again my family could see 

I love you all from beginning to end 
I just pray to God He decides to mend
This pain gets in the way of all of our fun
One day we'll all be on that beach under His sun

By Hetty Siebens 2015 ©

Friday, December 16, 2016

Good Wishes to YOU

Why did it all have to start out with YOU?
All the chaos and trauma you put me thru.
You'd think I'd be long gone from suicide
But I had too much love and beauty to not let hide.

You thought that yelling and screaming would give me a clue
Of truly deep down in the future you were gonna do
I was always so strong before I got so sick
So sick in different cities you were with another chick

That wasn't the problem, that wasn't the issue
God knows boys make mistakes that was more than a few
But after my first brain resection I was in awful pain
I had to pick up my baby girl and move to Texas where all it did was rain

It came upon my fourth day there we found a place to live
That first night I was so emotional and you had no love to give
No instead you were filled with hate and could only scream at me
You didn't want to know what was wrong you just wanted me to flee

Your cold heart lost so much that night
So much beauty and love now out of your sight
You pinned me down and beat me hard
Until I let loose and ran out to our yard

I am so gracious you and I WERE one
It led to me and Tory having so much fun
A marriage that is strong
That will last past so long
For these I am gracious we WERE one

Searching for anyone to help or believe
That the pain you caused had to be alieved 
Your mind flipped out of control that night
So crazy would you ever have my baby within sight

But with that Coburn you didn't care
This truth to alter is a dare
Kicked out of our apartment you were
Could only visit us if you brought along a Sir

But that was too belittling for you
You knew exactly what to do 
But put classes and ranking before fixing a thing
That is where my daughter lost you and I got a new ring

Your brain works on one thing at a time
No matter how dirty or full of grime
Our relationship was from the very get go 
I was the strong one to really let you go

You'd call and beg to have me back as your bride
But listen the first time felt like I already died
So instead you bargained for retirement and money
I'm keeping my baby, you can have all funds honey

I am so gracious you and I WERE one
It led to me and Tory having so much fun
A marriage that is strong
That will last past so long
For these I am gracious we WERE one

Money gets you no where in life
If anything it causes a lot of strife
Happiness is in the living soul
That is where I'm very rich, totally full

Continue on your pretending to be happy life
I just know such a last choosing for a wife
You let her in and rule you over 
You might as well sit and hover

The Bible we read isn't just a book
It is Words of Life to get you a hook
Hook onto Christ, His mercy and love
And able to talk to Him from Above

I hope you have learned how to treat a girl
Otherwise your whole life is just a great twirl
Of disasters and cruelty, selfishness and glee
I won't even mention what you'd watch on TV

Good wishes to you, but thank you too
For being so weak you just blew
Blew off fathering your firstborn child
God kept her with me so meek and mild

I am so gracious you and I WERE one
It led to me and Tory having so much fun
A marriage that is strong
That will last past so long
For these I am gracious we WERE one...but done!

By Hetty Siebens 2012 ©


I'm thankful for your hand, thankful your touch
Thankful for my baby girl oh so very much
We as a dear family, as a whole make one
One beautiful family with which the Lord is never done

My brown eyed baby girl came into my life 14 years back
With all that we both went thru you would think I'd lose track
But her smile is so delightful her beauty such a glow
A personality in our home to keep us all a flow !!

Her best friend is like my other child
They both still think I'm young and wild
She's full of life and chipperness and brings us so much grace
She is one I love in our life; both girls' love so easy to embrace

When God placed my hot stud in my life thru very trying times
Somehow he got us thru, hung onto us and made us all shine 
He keeps us together, and our family a whole
Not one thing I'd change about his beautiful soul

I also have my big bro who makes me laugh to no end
We've had our fights and quarrels, all were easy to mend
He cares for me deeply sometimes worries about me so
But I try to remind him his love and laughter keep me ago!

So for all these little people that live within my home~
I love to go to the beach with them or text them on our phones
But I really don't want to share them too much, God gave them to me
I'll share them here and there with friends or one day spouses to be

Except dear hubby you know you are stuck right here
With me my love; I just pray you are always very near!
You bring the best of me out on toughest days of all
Makes me want to spoil you so, buy you gifts at the mall!

You all make my darkest days much brighter than all could
If I could give you millions for love, you all know that I would!
But for now you just have little ol' me who is blessed by each of you
My life has been so blessed; I would be so lost-you all get me thru!

By Hetty Siebens 2015 ©

Thank You Lord

I took my night time bath to relax
Normal handful of meds to their max
But right away my brain felt a zap
My numb ears ringing; I needed a nap

I stared out yonder unsure what to say
Been a long time I've been attacked this way
My brain so confused; where I was, what to do
I had just taken my medication could it come from those few?

My heart beat skipped a couple beats it should have had
Man I thought "could my medication be this bad?"
My whole body tensed up I had no control of it
All I could do there for moments is silently sit.

Coming down from the heightened point of all this
My body killed, brain confused what did I miss? 
I text my precious hubby but got nothing in reply 
So I messaged my baby girl that got the news to fly

These are the moments you are twice as grateful for love
What would I do alone except pray to God up above
I probably would not be here right now with all they've pulled me thru
This is how my love for them, their love for me just grew

I hate the storms I have to face
But have the perfect family to embrace
Thru the tough times I have we will always make it thru
Without these precious souls I wouldn't know what to do

Thank You Lord for my angels in my home
Thank You Lord for my kiddo answering her phone
Thank You Lord for all the Love You keep inside us all
Thank You Lord, our Everything, even when we fall!


Heather/Hetty Siebens
November 29, 2015 ©

True Blessings

True Blessings

 Thru every tragic moment
 there must be a blissful end.
 Hanging onto Christ and each other
 is the only way to mend. 

 I reach for you all chaotic days
 not every day do I get your touch.
 I trust in God, His truth in us-
 That you’re about to bless me so much.

 Your touch from your sweet loving hands
 makes my body shiver in delight.
 Knowing that our love is strong
 makes me allow no room to fight.

 You are my everything thru ups and downs
 You are my bright light in every moment of dim
 When focused on our precious love for Christ;
 I KNOW we've achieved ALL true blessings from HIM.

Thru all of this, I DO LOVE YOU Christian C Siebens
Hetty Siebens

By Hetty Siebens 2012 ©

For Christ

I am just me, can't give You much
I love You every step and every fall
You are my God I give thanks for Your touch
Never ending love You give to us all

I pray all find You
Run to Your love
My life changed, You made me anew
How close I feel to You in Heaven above

Never will I turn away
with all You have carried me thru
I am thankful You saved me everyday
I look at Your blessings and see what I'm to do

Your beauty and light glorifies every day
You are my one desire to praise
Out I am to share You with all and pray
Others that don't know You will find Your Amazing grace

You gave me life and kept it from death
I could have died but You answered my call
I live for You with the gift of Your breath
I pray this Easter You are love by ALL!

I love You Dear Jesus with all my heart
I live for You Christ until the day we meet eyes
That day we live for, to be our true start
You dear Jesus thru love saved us and died

I give You me heart
I give You my love
Obedience and truth are also a part
Of growing closer to You til' we meet up above

I love you always even thru the storms
and praise You that You saved me
To live with You forever MORE!

By Hetty Siebens 2012 ©

May You Dance


Can you hear my deep words crackling
when I really try to pray?
I just feel so sad and distant
as you were gone that December day

We would talk so long forever,
I sure hope you miss me too
We had hopes and dreams we never
Had time to fully see them thru

You and I sat talking
'bout how life's so worth living.
You'd cry about not walking
Yet you were gifted and so giving.

The talents you had we're amazing
I was in awe of all you'd did and do
Thru Him you'd keep on soaring.
Half the time it was YOU who really flew

I'll just lay down in that flood
Keep asking why for a while?
As rain changes dirt into mud;
I'll be buried alive for a mile.

Alive I am today dear friend
But alive today you're not
Great friend please help me mend
You're such a blessed friend I've got

You were hit with many issues
That just wouldn't go away
Everyday, I sure do miss you
True soul for Christ, every single day

You lived each day like last for you
Keeping my faith alive inside
I pray you know all this is true
Thru God you sure help Him guide

One day I'll make it there and see you in a glance
Our Lord will be the first One along with you that I'll see
Knowing you, You'll start music up along with a dance
Our friends & family thrilled to dance along with you and me

Friendships are for ever Jason...
Blessings always to Jason Mitchener ...passed away 3 yrs ago Dec 16... He made it thru my birthday December 15th.... I took little Christmas gift to give to him when I got there evening of Dec 17, 2009.... Always to be missed till we reconnect with Heaven

By Hetty Siebens 2009 ©

Love and Laughter with my Sibling

You and I are such an interesting pair
Siblings who've gone thru everything
I think God was guiding us to care

You grew up so fast
yet I was right there
not caring if I was last

Cause I knew one day you'd run to me
we may argue a tad some here and there
but our ignorance in heart we told to flee

My brain was resected a 3rd time awake.
Your nerves were on edge;
thru the hours you'd take

I came out elated looking for dear you
your voice was so calm
seeing I again made it thru

But afterward a dark storm drifted all around
you, my brother studied my pain
talked to me about everything you had found

For years you stuck by me in my own home
helping me selflessly 
allowing me not to be alone

Years of prayers and the hope you had
my pain had calmed down
wasn't nearly as bad

Thru all you helped me turn back to our King
the start of your new faith was alive
I thank you for the love you have been giving

I'm grateful for the relationship we have seen grow
one I've wanted for quite some time
full of love and laughter, the "we" love to show

Just realize now Troy, I won't let you go
amazing uncle you are, best brother I take
Many can't believe us, say we put on a show

But I x (cross) them out as any focus in life
see the blessings we've been given
won't let our relationship turn to any strife

By Hetty Siebens 2012 ©

Will Life Change

All I can say is, life has been frustrating. You see it and ask God... "why was I born?" You go from this you go to that. All so negative, all so wrong. You run into good just to be hit with bad. It continues for time. Time, time that feels like it will run on and on like a clock that WON'T die. You then look at yourself, in disgrace and remorse and ask "Won't it get better, won't my life change?" You then think it won't. You look down at your feet and you cry like a child, a child that got beat. You THEN contemplate how to DO IT and if you are "STRONG" enough. Strong enough to carry out the "task." The "task" to leave all others and the trials you did not defeat. You don't talk to others about your issues in life. You just judge them yourself and live in "denial." You let the problems get worse, you plan to QUIT life in a while. Now people keep asking what is the matter with me..? Why are they caring now, just let me be!! For I am unworthy for anyone's love, for anyone's trust. I haven't made life change, and a complete change in me is a MUST.
Then this wonderful man had entered my life. He had entered it happily though my life caused so much strife. He stuck with me thru all of my pain. All of my issues that you would think that I was insane! No, this man was so caring, this man was my rock. He caused me to get BETTER, caused OTHERS to TALK!! About how I got better, about how I could smile! They were quite shocked! They had not seen that in a while! I am so worthy thru Christ to be happy in life-for now I know how to be--blessed to be Christian's wife!!! (HAPPY!!)

By Hetty Siebens 2003 ©

Question Everything

When does life feel just?
When can you establish trust?
As for all the ups and downs in life-
Seems like we are all living in strife.

When that big yellow sun comes crashing down--
And all of those monkeys go rattling downtown.
Who out of all them seem to be telling twisted lies?
Who just continues doing so even causing brains to fry!?

This world we live in seems so jaded.
When everyone's goal is who to be hated!
When things come crashing down where do we turn?
When we lose loved ones, companies, who won't turn and burn?

Where is the trust of yesterday, the love of our family?
Why do we question everything that isn't full of glee?
It's like we truly live in this fake plastic nation.
That can only talk to us at 6pm if on the right station.?

Well that isn't how my life was prepped to live I say!
My family will make it thru any windy or rainy day!
I may be complex with a lot of complications!
But no illness can be worse than watching any TV station.

They fill us full of hatred and greed!
When all it takes is One True God to lead!
Lead us down our winding road wondering if we're lost..?
But taking the lead and trusting Him, not judging what it'd cost!!?

With Christ as my center it doesn't make life easy, it makes life hard!
We are to stand up for Him, for each other and remain on guard!
For each other's lives, each other's homes, down every winding road-
Just know I'd always stand up for you thru Him, til the very day I grow old.!!

My Man


The Man my husband is
Never comes very easy
Even when life's a friz
He stands ground to be cheesy

His love never fails, vanishes, or is put on the line
His love is so pure and true 
He is one in all circumstances to make all feel just fine
Christian always gets us thru

He is my stars, my moon, my sun
He is everything intended from above
I have never lost in life, only won!
Cause this man, my husband is full of LOVE!

We may have hard times wondering if I'll make it
My man has no doubt of His Divine plans 
So yes I struggle thru my health trying not to throw a fit
Cause you see, my husband Christian is my #1 fan!

So I never want to let my man down
If our big bulging sun should rise 
Or it is ghastly pouring rain all over town
We always live in love, not lies

Christian we live in a crazy world you and me
But there isn't a moment I'd ever erase
You are a man filled with our love, hope, and reality 
You my love I'll never lose but continue to chase!

Let's say good bye to Philly we won't be back 'round
Nor is Phoenix going to be our next town
Minnesota was so fun and I'll miss it forever
But let's keep trying Florida in hopes of moving never

As for you are my sunshine anywhere we go
You are my backbone in ragged times
There isn't one other soul I'd ever love like you- so
Let's sit on our back porch and listen to our chimes

You are my love, fresh air, reason I breathe 
Never think twice about the love I have in thee
You are my wants, needs, desires- my Everything!
Let's show the world that true love is more than Something!!!

I love you Christian Siebens,
Your less brain wife,
Early in the morning,
Heather (Hetty) Siebens
Your Satellite Princess
By Hetty Siebens 2015 ©