Thursday, June 29, 2017



There was this miracle man I met by chance
Met me thru a mutual friend in some sort of trance
A connection I had never had, not  like that ever before 
Never once would I think he'd open his door

This hot man let me in in so many levels
He barely knew me I could've been the devil
But his heart and trust were so sincere
Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful I'm here

He is so intellectual yet so loving too
So full of humor you don't know what to do
He is a little bit of everything and a tad bit more
Amazes me all in one person what God has in store

He is a miracle friend, leader, amazing husband and dad
Many see his gifts wishing he was one they had
You'd think he would be snobby, self centered of his life
Instead he cares deeply about his family, friends not to be in strife

We all go thru trials, tough fazes over struggles of time
Christian is the man during that who'd give his last dime
Which is why over time this man is blessed
Our Lord has never seen one give it all his best

You Sir Christian are a gift to me
You make me smile but my negative flee
You bring me so much joy I hadn't  seen in ages
I'll come out of my cage since you calmed the rages

You are dear
Your are precious 
You are everything one wants and needs
You are fine 
You are brilliant 
You are sexier beyond belief

But I can take this intense work chat
At least we know we're real where we are at
You are one to die for, you are one to live for
Thru life I'll see us live that way, my life worth so much more


I love you... 

June 2017 by Hetty Siebens 😘