Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dear Master's Love

The Lord will truly dance for you Kim
Even when all may seem so dim
In my heart I know this is true
With all my love from me to you

You may feel held back unable to speak
Can't move your body, all seems so bleak
But our God has amazing plans and love
Just rest in His arms as He works from above

I've known you, my cousin a very short time
But your eyes were so fierce preparing to shine
I can't wait to meet again and hug you too
As our Good Lord graciously sees you thru

Your beauty thru pain will change many lives
Keep others walk with Jesus more than alive
We see your love deep inside your soul
You help family reunite with your love a flow

We stand in awe of our Dear Master's love
You're a precious gift from Him up above.
Planned for you long ago before ever born
You will make it thru all, as we clap, not mourn

My cousin you are, made me recollect past
Be so grateful to God I'm here, it didn't last
Keep fighting the fight with your "arms open wide"
Cause our Lord has planned a successful stride

Don't count the days, take them one at a time
You my dear friend are going to be just fine
Your family awaits your arrival more than real soon
All will hug you thru the night, saying "I sure love you"

Bless you thru this unplanned fight
For our Lord holds onto you tight
Because He heals & loves you too
There isn't anything to God that is new.

He does all things well... As do you Kim....

We sure love you...

The Siebens

by Heather Siebens 11/3/12

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