Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Tragic times led to amazing blessings as I held tight onto Christ!


Life sure can get complex,

if you just let it so.
With every wilting flower,
a healthy one will grow.

It started out so simple

just one pill led to two;
but with age seizures angered
and I didn't know what to do.

They changed so fiercely overnight,

I dared not tell a soul.
I just played pretend they didn't exist;
prayed I wouldn't pay a toll.

Then, with a gift from God came happiness,

everything felt just right!
Then came a twist, a jab, of hopelessness!
It's now hard to sleep at night.

For what was managed then, grew and grew.

Not one in that town could believe -
that the dilemmas with me are for real, are true.
So with all of that - my child and I had to leave.

What may have seemed atrocious

what may have seemed unjust;
all happened for a purpose
this happened, now I must

I must be honest

I must be well
I must be focused
Dear God I'll tell . . .

I'll tell You how shocking life can be!

I'll tell you I'm tired, no energy!
Seizures aren't controlled by medication for me;
They're controlled by the faith in our Lord, I NOW see!

Faith in Christ is the actual cure;

even when I must take pills.
Cause with all my problems and issues I endure;
with His love there's no trial, mountain, no hills!

So I praise Him today with all my heart,

my heart has so much to give!
Without Him I'm not sure where I'd be
He's shown me all more reason to live!

By Hetty Siebens © 2004

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