Friday, December 16, 2016

Love and Laughter with my Sibling

You and I are such an interesting pair
Siblings who've gone thru everything
I think God was guiding us to care

You grew up so fast
yet I was right there
not caring if I was last

Cause I knew one day you'd run to me
we may argue a tad some here and there
but our ignorance in heart we told to flee

My brain was resected a 3rd time awake.
Your nerves were on edge;
thru the hours you'd take

I came out elated looking for dear you
your voice was so calm
seeing I again made it thru

But afterward a dark storm drifted all around
you, my brother studied my pain
talked to me about everything you had found

For years you stuck by me in my own home
helping me selflessly 
allowing me not to be alone

Years of prayers and the hope you had
my pain had calmed down
wasn't nearly as bad

Thru all you helped me turn back to our King
the start of your new faith was alive
I thank you for the love you have been giving

I'm grateful for the relationship we have seen grow
one I've wanted for quite some time
full of love and laughter, the "we" love to show

Just realize now Troy, I won't let you go
amazing uncle you are, best brother I take
Many can't believe us, say we put on a show

But I x (cross) them out as any focus in life
see the blessings we've been given
won't let our relationship turn to any strife

By Hetty Siebens 2012 ©

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