Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Husband One Day

I was so quiet, so unallowed to speak a darn word to you
you were so bad, you were so wrong, you were all filth
It took my parents till now, to see that you are true
We now can show them all, you're so great for my health

To Seattle I first flew up just a little bit high
then Austin trip, I would've flipped, and left me right there
but Christian, that sweet man, is such a loving great guy
he still kissed me, and loved me out of deep loving care

You are the greatest confidant
I am the most poignant lover
because when you aren't here for what we want
there is not a purpose in covers

So come home my lover and lets progress
thrill each other with vast success
not have worries, won't be like before
all of those problems fell out of the door

For it is you and I to begin a life
not starting one with hidden strife
we are starting it clean and clear
so we will always be loving to hear
the other say "Hi", and the other say "Bye"
but the other say "I love you my dear"

On our wedding day we have our friends
we have a day of silence, and a moment of prayer
With Christian Lucky? No. Fortunate to our end.
we had the elegance of love no one could compare

I love you so very is immeasurable!


By Hetty Siebens 7/10/04 ©

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