Friday, December 16, 2016

Life is so Trying

The pain is atrocious
Wondering why you
It makes you ferocious 
Not knowing what to do

You listen to everyone 
So positive with no clue
Your pain makes you so done
No diagnosis is true

You hang onto tough life
Like a monkey on a tree
Years lived of endless strife
But not one soul can see

All you endure barely hanging onto your breath
All Family continue whether I'm here or diminished 
Does not one get my choice between life or death
Should this warped monkey continue when all seems finished

The sun comes up and the sun goes down
Such beauty out there that I cannot enjoy
Street lights and fun times I don't see down town
It feels like all against me, I am just a ploy

One illness leads to next one and 
Pain never ceases thinking it can stay
I wish I could rid it all with a majestic hand
Instead all trials worsen on this sunny day

I am one silent soul unsure what to say
The trials I've endured have continued for years
I feel like doctors are clueless and I'm just their clay
So I continue in distress, hopeless with endless tears

Life is so trying
Confusing what to do
Leaves one just crying
I bet many of you feel this too

I lift you all up
As I remain deep down
Take our Masters cup
I will remain with a bitter frown

Endless painful Heather/Hetty

Love to you all.

By Hetty Siebens 2015 ©

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