Saturday, December 17, 2016

Special Corinthians

OK, I spoke to Pastor Linn. It is 3 Corinthians 17:1-7
States a couple things about love and relationships such as

Creation of Man
Man sets foot on earth to find woman to reproduce to spread the love of Jesus. However; if she has epileptic issues, such as the boy in Mark 17-29, man is to find woman to spend life, as a couple, near His crashing waters on the Pacific.

Creation of Woman
Woman was placed on earth to marry the right man after dealing with prior marital and medical issues. 

Creation of Perfection
God created marital disputes, times of trouble, to create to perfect relationships. Perfect relationships, perfect. Perfect relationships blossom and spread the good. Especially for those who suffered in the past. Relationships that made them tear up greatly, suffer immensely, and deserve the best of the best.

Submitting Life
The woman who finds the man of her life, bows and submits life and love from that day forward. 

Relationship Planned by God
Future divorce ever thought needed in times of trouble, are denied after the celebration of the perfect couple. They are intertwined in a relationship set forth, planned by God, and followed through without Satan's actions receiving any power.

Destruction to Ashes
If this man is somehow pulled from this woman's life, in this particular marriage, planned by God, this particular woman will destruct in large flames in the air, in which all over the world will see. Woman will fall into ashes amongst the world as tears from God. Tears from God in sadness for His change of plans. For someone had pulled a plug without contacting God and will receive harsh, painful punishment in addition to Satan, having acted out this plan without dialing 463 7777 on His Verizon Wireless.

Heather Siebens Time Left on Earth
Heather's time has ended. For she has chosen to be with Christian, her beloved husband rather than horrific, unlasting love here on earth. She chose heaven over earth and its surroundings; for Heather cannot live life without the epitome of perfection: Christian Charles Siebens II.

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By Hetty Siebens 6/18/04 ©

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