Saturday, December 17, 2016

Our 2010 Family Christmas Prayer

Our 2010 Family Christmas Prayer

Early this year we thought healthy perfection was in the cards,
Not fantasy, existing only in our deepest hopes.
We moved to get a new start but excitement was followed by confusion and pain.

When Lord we asked, will health be?
In prison, prison of mind, pain and location
Did we make the right decisions for health and for our future?

We begged and waited with bated breath
At times our hopes grew dim, our souls became weary, our desires became dull.
But when we thought we could go no lower and confusion ran amuck,
Suddenly appeared light which issued great intellect and understanding
A light from a divine source. That source being You, Lord.

You gave us peace and understanding that perfection is not the goal
quality life and family was a reality still possible
You sent us Your precious love, love which we hold so dear to our heart.

The sunset and dusks light on a pennsylvania night
The glow of the sunrise on the park at daybreak
The color of the trees, the coolness of the snow
The laughter we hear from Tory aglow
The whisper of peace and letting go
You're our yesterdays memories
Today's reason to live and love
Tomorrow's dreams of the future
All the love we have to give
You are our beginning and our end
All we have in visions sight
Nothing has ever felt this good or this right
So take our hand, walk beside us each day
As we live our lives together with You by our side.

We trust You have our lives in the palm of Your hand.

Happy Birthday Jesus. You are our Everything.

The Siebens Family....

by Christian Siebens 2010 © .... (aka -Heather Siebens precious other half)

And those are the remarkable words this year from my beloved hubby, whom I thank Jesus for, everyday... we are so blessed with each other, our daughter Tory... all of you as our friends. Many blessings to you all--in this coming year!!!

In God's Glory,

Heather Siebens

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